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Traffic Long Exposure

Renewable Energy Harvesting Infrastructure


Our Startup

Status: Pre-Seed

Industry: Renewable energy, Green construction, Green economy

Patent: USA application Filled on 06/23/2022


In most cases renewable energy methods such as air and water turbines harm wildlife or impacts aviary activities, in the case of solar panels. At the end of the technology's life cycle, disposal and refurbishment are not ideal. Renewable energy sources rely mostly on nature triggers and more sources can be commercially presented.

Traffic Jam

Green Construction

Harvesting and transforming wasted energy produced by vehicles & pedestrians movement into electrical energy.

No need for pavement reconstruction when "buried tech" maintenance needed

IoT embeded

Infrastructure for future car-road communication IoT devices. Traffic enforcement and real-time analysation.

IoT tech can work off-grid without batteries by using harvested waste energy of the road.

Modular Energy Generators

Buried energy generators that can be easily maintained and features low cost refurbishment.

The generators harvests energy and traffic data, in addition monitoring the road and pavement condition.

Safety & Guidance 

Valuable data harvest from roads potentially viable for low enforcement and traffic analyse & control.

For example: overweight vehicles, etc.

Our solution

Our technology will build the smart roads of the future, harvesting wasted energy and data from every vehicle and pedestrian on the road

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SMART future

What Smart Roads is all about

World Peace

Renewable energy

2.7 MWH / km each day

125 households / km each day


1 km road X 3 lanes

50,000 vehicles traffic daily 

Engineers and Businesspeople


  • ​Infrastructure installation - 0.75 km / day

  • 850,000 generators / km (3 lanes)

  • Refurbished generator cost 90% less

Green Buildings

Green economy & education

  • Smart Roads infrastructures are streams for green economy revenue sources

  • Integrated education for sustainable lifestyle

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 4.25.23.png

Sustainable Smart Roads


Supporting Modular technologies for IoT roads infrastructure and EV wireless charging technologies while producing electricity by passing vehicles and pedestrians.

"Harvesting energy from vehicles won't increase the energy of driving. We are simply harvesting WASTED energy that is already there."

Idan Dinovetsky, CEO & Founder

Istanbul Traffic Density
Traffic Jam

Recycle Energy


Modular generators that can be recycled and reused

Contact Us


Tel Aviv, Israel


+972 (54) 707 2070

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